Multilingual GlossMaster

Beta Testing Comments

  • For admin/ languages, we want ISO 639-1 and 639-2/3 option
    • Lanuage code can handle 2 OR 3 characters.
  • The popup window to send email to the editor has a weird X graphic - non-obvious that it pertains to closing the window. (And I always find that feature stupid - if someone wants to close a window, won't they just X out of the window the normal way?)
    • Silly [X] icon is removed
  • Glossmaster has 2500 terms (all + working + completed). Multigloss has 2499 listed for Swahili. Where is the missing term?
    • Fixed.
  • I added a term to GM, 2-test, and it does not appear in MG.
    • Fixed.
  • We need to make it easier to navigate within the environment for each language. I am used to typing in * / All/ 25/ and selecting something for empty/working/complete, but this will be very confusing for our users. Also, unnecessary, because we can very easily pre-configure popular choices with a single click, and we can set a default search that gives a more natural set of results. For example, the default search could be to show the wildcard/ All/ 25/ empty set.
    • Quick search options added (All Fuzzy, All Complete)
  • After someone submits a term as working or completed, the translation should appear directly below the English in the list of terms on the left (the column below “number of hits”).
    • The terms on the left side shows the result of the latest search. If the status (empty/working/completed) is changed, the entry will not be listed. I did it this way so that the user can continue working on the terms from the last search.
  • We need a category for an entry that has a translation, but not a definition. So, 4 categories: 1. Empty. 2. Term Only (no definition). 3. Term + Definition (working). 4. Term + Definition (complete).
    • Replaced with Fuzzy.
  • If you have to scroll down the list to see a term because it does not fit on the first screen, you cannot see the definition or comment when you hover over it. Try with 'add-on' in Swahili, selecting */all/50/empty+working
    • Ok, I understand and i will look into it
  • Results/ compare doesn't lead anywhere
    • Pending (will remove Compare from menu meanwhile)
  • Results/ export blows up: Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Bad arguments. in /var/www/multigloss/admin/export.php on line 35
    • Fixed
  • Export 1) Export gives the English definition, not the Swahili def or comment.
    • Export does give both Swahili def/comment.Try to export Swahili(completed).
  • Export 2) Presumably this url will be overwritten each time a new export is requested. Probably better to produce unique URLs for each export request.
    • Each export file has a unique filename
  • When someone logs in, they should go immediately to their language's translate page
    • Done
  • There is no category to set up a role for someone who is NOT an admin
    • Fixed
  • I went to “User setting” and found check boxes for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, and Google, but they didn't seem to do anything when I went to the translate area. Also, this seems like a strange place to hide the feature - how many users will find this and know what to do with it?
    • They are enabled now (was disabled by me during testing). I suggest that they are enabled by default (when a new user is created) but can be disabled by the user if he does not find it useful. The menu system is not that huge for a “user” (it is larger for an Admin), so I am sure they will find it.



  1. add/delete languages based on English terms
  2. add/delete/edit users
  3. assign user to languages
  4. create new terms (as supplementary vs core (existing 2500 terms)
  5. edit syntactic groups
  6. add tags
  7. edit admin settings (admin-email, intro message etc.)
  8. Export database to TSV format
  9. Edit English definition and comment.


  1. User authentication
  2. Change password, password reminder
  3. view statistics (% complete, working)
  4. Users can flag a definition as problematic ad trigger a query (email) to the English editor for clarification of a definition right. The mail should include
    1. Comment
    2. Senders email (as reply-address)
    3. User's name
    4. A link to the specific word in GM


  1. Compare translations by search engine
  2. view statistics (% complete, working)


  1. A user can work on one or more languages at the same time (with the same user account)
  2. A user can not create new terms (only request the admin to do so)
  3. Taxonomy groups should be defined globally and locally. User can change locally, admin can change globally.
  4. A user can add tags globally (in English)
  5. User interface incl. tags is available in po. format for translation.
  6. Users can edit any entry in their language that has been marked “working” or “completed” in English
  7. The application must have RTL support
  8. Languages created from start: Swahili, Luganda, Kinyarwanda, Akan, Arabic, Lingala, Songhay, Wolof, Mande, French, Yoruba, + TEST language


  • Expired sessions gives error from phpmenulayers
  • Export: translate tag id to tag names
  • Next page does not work [1-10][11-20] etc.
  • Hover over problem (def, comment)
  • White background
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